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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my website.


My name is Ryan and I intend to inspire, encourage reflection and insight, and foster human connections.


I am a qualified Dramatherapist with extensive experience in adult mental health in the fields of addiction, HIV, and trauma; an avid reader of psychology, personal development, and spirituality; a blogger; a writer; a lecturer and speaker; an artist working from a queer perspective; a believer in humanity; a student of life.


I believe that it is possible to live one's life with joy, autonomy, balance, and purpose - but this requires consistency and focus.


I believe and engage with healing as a continuous, never-ending process, hence The Healing Continuum. Here. we heal in relationship. With compassion. By using traumatic experiences as a catalyst for growth. By welcoming and integrating emotions.


There is no right or wrong way to do it. All we can ever do is try our best, and follow the clues that life presents us with. Our lives move and exist in a progression of gradual experiences and stages. That’s the continuum.


Each stage within the continuum is meaningful and valid. Each stage is necessary and a piece of the puzzle. Each stage brings us closer to knowing and connecting to ourselves, and others, better; to understanding our emotions and thoughts clearer; to being more present in each moment. Each stage helps us to feel, love, grow, and connect more.


We do this creatively, by using our active imagination for self-development.






The Healing Continuum understands that there is interconnectedness between individuals, and the world.


The healing is always mutual, because our wounds were acquired through relationship, and only through relationship may we find the resources and insights to heal.


The intention is always to connect individuals to themselves, in their MindHeartBodySoul (individual interbeing) and with others, and the world around them (collective interbeing).








This is what I’ve lived, studied, witnessed, and helped to heal: wounds.


We are all wounded. Wounded by others. Wounded by ourselves.


Some wounds are open, others are closed. Some are infected, and infectious.


Some are out there for everyone to see, others are completely invisible.


Becoming wounded is inevitable. Remaining wounded is an option.


Would you like to heal your wounds?




The Healing Continuum focuses on 4 practices:





LOVE: Self-Compassion


This is my preferred term to work on the self. To me, it implies an intimate relationship with the self, one that does not require a comparison to external circumstances.


Becoming aware of the boundaries between us and others is extremely valuable. Once we discover the sense of self, it is then important to learn how to be compassionate toward, and about it. We have all spent too long showing nothing but contempt towards our own sense of self, and it is time that we stop that.

GROW: Post-traumatic Growth


Most people are familiar with the term PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


PTG -Post Traumatic Growth - acknowledges the trauma, which is imperative, but is no longer ruled by it. There is growth! The focus shifts from a psychological disorder to emotional wellbeing growth!



CONNECT: Interdependent Relationships


Certain aspects of what it means to be human, may only be worked through, and healed, by relating to others.


Interdependency in relationships means that there are healthy boundaries between each individual in the relationship. That both parties have a sense of self, that is not dependent on the other.


It’s not about saving the other, or being completed by the other. It’s about remaining yourself whilst in relationship to the other.


FEEL: Emotional Integration


In the processes of holistic wellbeing, I perceive Emotional Integration as the removal of labels of good and bad, right and wrong, from our emotions.


Emotions just are. What we do with them is what often determines better or worse outcomes.


Everything we feel has a function, therefore it is important to understand what that function is, and help that part of you integrate with the others, i.e., work harmoniously together.






  • Everything and everyone is interconnected: working on one thing “over here”, will invariably relate to one thing “over there”.


  • Life is a paradox of simplicity and hardship: the seed of every thought, feeling, and action we take comes only from one of two places – destruction and creation. Everything goes back to that. The hardship comes in figuring this out.


  • Our purpose is dynamic, not static – it will change in its manifestation.


  • Every human being is responding to life from one, or several, of these needs: to be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be validated, to know that they matter.


  • I don’t have all the answers. No one does. No one will ever be absolutely clear about how to move forward and what their lives will look like. All we can do is to pay attention and follow the clues which appear along the way.


  • Authentic healing can only occur in relationship to others. We are social beings, after all.


  • Happiness, balance, and joy are not static, or something we “get”. Getting and maintaining them is a daily, life-long practice: your very own spiritual practice. Only you know what it means, what and how it feels like.


  • Most people’s actions towards you have nothing to do with you, but with them. People don’t actually think about others that often. Actions are usually reactive and unrelated to the present moment.


  • Emotional transformation is spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation is emotional transformation.


  • Art and creativity are cathartic and healing.

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