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  • Low cost online therapy available
  • Arts & Health Consultancy
  • Lecturer; Speaker


Active Imagination for Self-Development:

#Feel #Love #Grow #Connect


My specific approach is a combination of preferred theoretical approaches and professional experience, and therefore, a mix of analysis and pragmatism. I see the exploration of the psyche and practical actions as equally important in therapy and life. I see no point in exploring the psyche in therapy sessions, and then not applying those insights practically in your daily life.


In Dramatherapy, the elements of theatre and drama are meant to activate your imagination, for it is your imagination which will act as a bridge between your unconscious and conscious worlds. The creative and artistic techniques that I use, are meant to explore the emotional, behavioural, and spiritual aspects of someone’s lived experience, and to work from the belief that a fully authentic therapeutic process must include the mind, heart, body, and soul.


Through the years, I've also become aware of the different strengths and potential I possess, depending on the people I have worked with:


  • For women, I have been very helpful in the healing of their relationships with men, specifically and collectively;
  • For gay men, I have been very helpful in matters of emotional intimacy, managing shame, and self-compassion;
  • For people with experiences of different types of childhood abuse, I have been very helpful in guiding them through the different stages of healing those wounds;
  • For people in recovery from addiction, I have been very helpful in helping to manage their day-to-day, finding balance between joy and responsibility;
  • For people living with HIV, I have been very helpful in re-framing identities, labels, and emotional wounds;
  • For people with diagnoses of personality disorders, I have been very helpful in exploring their symptoms, preventing lapses, and managing emotions;
  • For everyone, I have been very helpful in making them feel that they matter, they are loved, they are listened to, that they have a voice, and that they are not alone.






  • Clinical Experiences (Addiction, HIV, Trauma, Gay Men's Mental Health)
  • General Mental Health/Life concerns
  • Goal-setting and coaching
  • Anyone who … (see below)





  • Arts & Health
  • Dramatherapy & Clinical environments
  • HIV & Mental Health
  • Addiction & Mental Health
  • LGBTQ+ Wellbeing & Mental Health





I see therapy not only as a tool for healing, but also a tool for self-development. Therefore, therapy is for:


  • Anyone who has recently experienced a big shift or change in their lives and is trying to find deeper understanding about this;


  • Anyone who is generally questioning something in their lives;


  • Anyone who is wondering about purpose;


  • Anyone facing a crisis, a turning point, an awakening;


  • Anyone who wants to know more about themselves, whether or not they are in crisis;


  • Anyone who has tried many different therapies and feels at a loss about new options;


  • Anyone who knows exactly what they want to work on, and anyone who does not have a clue about what to work on;


  • Anyone who wants to change.

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