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What better way to know more about the benefits of my work, than from the people who have worked with me?


“Through play, based on imagination, and departing from our personal experiences, we are able to reflect on our patterns of behaviour and take a non-judgmental look at ourselves.”




“Very professional, a big heart.”




“Ryan is instinctive, intelligent, and empathetic.”




“The blend of maturity, knowledge, and professionalism of the facilitator, Ryan. Absolute star!”

“Dramatherapy is a way of exploring feelings, inclinations and personal attributes, driven by the sort of stimuli that theatre practitioners use in exploring, expressing and exposing aspects of character.


Directors and performers use their discoveries from the exercises to create a believable make believe world for productions. In Dramatherapy, the client uses the discoveries to work on making his or her life more fulfilling than before.”




“Ryan is fab. Very good communicator and empathetic.”




“Quite honestly, one of the best workshop facilitators I have experienced.”






"I found my dramatherapy to be very productive right from the start. I explained to Ryan what I wanted to achieve from the therapy, and I feel that real progress was made at each session.


Even from the very first exercise, we were able to tap into my subconscious, uncovering relevant issues which we analysed and discussed constructively together.


The sessions were fun, interesting, and extremely productive. I felt safe and relaxed in Ryan’s guidance.


I’ve tried traditional ‘talking’ therapies before, and found drama therapy to be much more productive as it can uncover so much more about a person and their subconscious rather than talking endlessly (and perhaps needlessly) about experiences and thoughts, which is a very ‘conscious’ process.


I've recommended Ryan to several friends already. "


"I came in early 2017 with no preconceived idea as I had never heard about dramatherapy but I wanted something that could fix an unpleasant feeling of being trapped at this moment of my life.


I wanted to get free and I discovered the possibility of freedom.


It helped me a lot because I left a job where I was unhappy and my life is now taking a new direction and I'm not scared and I'm happy.


I went through a very creative journey and it's been fascinating to realize that going through "the back door" of the psyche could open the subconscious in such a playful way."


"I committed to 12 sessions of 1:1 Dramatherapy with Ryan having attended a brief group programme he had facilitated.


The group programme experience allowed me to connect to emotions and senses that I have been numbed to and quite cut off from for many years.


At the beginning of the 1:1 work, I identified several specific areas I wanted to focus on which included my relationship with my sexual orientation as well as to myself as a sexual being.


Through the use of a range of creative techniques during sessions, Ryan skillfully and intuitively guided me to explore these aspects of myself, helping me to uncover and add more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that is me, and develop a little more understanding, acceptance and compassion for myself. "

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